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Oil Tank Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ for questions about your oil tank and our South Jersey oil tank services.

What are the steps for an oil spill cleanup?

No two clean-ups are the same and will differ depending on individual circumstances. The steps described here are to help you better understand the general process:

  1. All proposals are done on a best-case scenario. (Tank is removed with no leaks or contamination.)
  2. Underground utilities are marked out, as required by law.
  3. Local and/or state permits are obtained, as required.
  4. Tank will be excavated, thoroughly cleaned, and inspected. Once inspected, tank will be recycled.
  5. If contamination is found at the time of removal, a DEP Case Number is assigned to the site.
  6. If applicable, in order to confirm the extent of contamination of soil or ground water, further testing is required.
  7. Once the extent of contamination is determined, remediation scenarios will be presented.
  8. Remediation is performed based on laboratory samples and field screening.
  9. Remediation, field screen and soil and/or ground water sampling are performed to prove clean excavation.
  10. Remediation Action Report is written and submitted to the State with proper fees in order to get a NFA (No Further Action) letter to close out the contaminated site.

Will the State of NJ reimburse me for the tank removal?

The State of NJ has funded some tank replacements in the past, but funding can be subject to availability. More information can be found HERE.

I am switching over to natural gas, so can't I just drain my oil tank?

The tank MUST be properly removed or abandoned by a licensed contractor. An unused tank that has not been handled in this manner will eventually leak, causing contamination.

I just found out my tank is leaking? I have unused oil inside of it. What will happen to this oil?

If you have unused oil and you wish to use it prior to the removal of the tank and clean up, then you can do that. We do not and will not transfer any unused oil from an old tank into a new one, as this will immediately void any manufacturer's warranty available on that tank. Any unused oil that is collected by our company is brought back and is picked up by a NJ State Licensed recycling facility and turned into many consumer products.

I have homeowners insurance. Can I make a claim through them?

Absolutely you can. While some homeowners insurance policies have areas that cover oil tanks, others do not. It is completely advisable to reach out. While working with your insurance is a great way to offset costs, in many situations this is not "one size fits all", and each policy is different. The ultimate financial responsibility falls to the homeowner in all of these situations, regardless of coverage.

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